What is THE Rogue Talent COMMUNITY?

We are a group of unconventional TA thought leaders who tend to separate from the ‘herd’ to create solutions for today’s recruitment challenges.

How do I participate in RogueTalent?

At this point, all you have to do is click here to join.

 Our goal is NOT to rehash all the typical topics discussed and/or where we have already built proven solutions that work. 

Rather, we want to focus our mental energy on challenges we will face over the next decade and incubate, experiment and implement new solutions to solve these problems.

Once you join, you will:

  • Be invited to our Monday Morning Huddles
  • Be asked to participate in various think tanks, focus groups, etc. to incubate new ideas with other Passionate TA leaders
  • Gain access to our Member Portal. This site contains recordings from our Monday Morning Huddles, new RogueTalent IP, etc
  • Be invited to anything new we think of


Are you hardwired to challenge the status quo?
Looking to innovate with other TA professionals?
Go Rogue, and lets change the game together!
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