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David Szary

Founding Member's Rogue Career

1989 – Fell into the Recruitment Profession as an Information Technology Recruiter.

1992 – Created Managing by Metricssm – first Continuous Improvement Recruitment Management System based on Eli Goldratte’s Theory of Constraints and Lean/Six Sigma principles.

1993-1996 – Authored The Recruiter Handbook.  The Foundation of The Recruiter Academy Certification Program

1996 – Created a competency/skill assessment profile to identify and hire individuals for talent acquisition roles that had sales competencies/characteristics and ZERO recruitment experience!

1997 – Founded The Recruiter Academy Certified Education Program. The first “bachelor’s degree” equivalent Education Program for recruiters working within all specialties.

1997-2019 – Trained over 15,000 recruiters within respected organizations throughout the world.

2001 – Created the first Staffing Optimization Tool to identify the optimum number of FTE resources (recruiters, sourcers, administrative, leaders) to meet hiring demand based on manufacturing supply chain & MRP methodologies.

2001-2008 – Developed recruitment solutions for some of the largest financial/banking and home building companies in the nation hiring over 150,000 professionals a year.

2009 – Founder of Lean Human Capital

2009 – Founder/creator of the first Recruitment Metrics Benchmark Study exclusively for Healthcare organizations.

2009 – Author of the Best (and worst) Advice for Job Seeker’s – Pragmatic guide to seeking employment in a challenging labor market.  

2009-2019 – Helped over 1200 hospitals within 250 health systems create Optimization Recruitment Organizations capable of meeting hiring demand while reducing Cost of Vacancy and improving the customer experience.

2011 – Created the Elite Honor Roll Awards to recognize recruitment excellence within the Healthcare industry.

2019 – Founding Member – RogueTalent